My Top 5 Reads of 2019

Hello everyone!

It’s a little past the New Year by now, and we’re already looking ahead to 2020, but I thought it would be fun to take some time to look at my favorite books that I read in 2019. I like to do this every year, as a way to reflect on what reads have impacted me the most.

This year I didn’t read as much quantity-wise as I usually do, but I did read a lot of good books. I have started to stop pressuring myself to finish something I’m not enjoying, and only read things I like or have a desire to finish. I think this new outlook on reading will definitely carry on into the next decade!

Before I get into the actual list, I have some honorable mentions:
The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery and Absolutely Truly by Heather Vogel Frederick. These books didn’t make a big impact on me as the top five did, but I thought they were both well-written and very sweet.
Now onto the top five!
5. Out to Canaan by Jan Karon
Aside from the first Mitford book, which I discovered in 2018, I read the entire main Mitford series this year. I love these books, but out of all the ones I read, I think Out to Canaan is my absolute favorite. They are all a continuing story, though, so it’s hard to distinguish the events between books. I wholeheartedly recommend this entire series. It’s sweet, slow, and can be very cheesy at times, but has wonderful, loveable characters and important messages about faith woven throughout.
4. Meet the Austins by Madeleine L’Engle
Yes, this is written by the author of the Newbery-winning A Wrinkle in Time, however, I prefer Meet the Austins much more. This book is set in the early 1960s, telling the story of a close-knit family who take in a young girl after her father dies and she is left orphaned. This book is essentially an old sitcom in book form, and I am here for it! There isn’t much real plot, but I love the characters and the wholesome, old-fashioned sweetness of the family. Charming!
3. Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence: The Secret of Peace and Happiness by Jean Baptise Saint-Jure
Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence is nonfiction. It focuses on trusting God completely, through every single trial and tribulation you may go through. This book made a big impact on me, and it serves as a much-needed reminder that we must trust God without a doubt, no matter what happens. A quick read with a lot packed into its pages.
2. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
I read much of Little Fires Everywhere under an umbrella at the beach during summer vacation, and despite all the commotion around me, I wasn’t distracted! I couldn’t put this book down. It explores perfection and how seeking it can end with pain and sadness. It does have some more adult themes, however, so beware if you are more sensitive to that.
1. Rebecca by Daphne du Murier
Rebecca is about a young woman who marries a man she has only known for a few weeks. She soon feels haunted by the presence of Rebecca, the man’s late wife who tragically died in a boating accident, not even a year before.
This book was my absolute favorite read of this year, as well as one of my favorite books of all time. I’m not saying the characters are role models by any means, but the story is a gripping one. The writing is what really makes this book. It’s superb. It does have a darker feel to it, but it’s definitely worth picking up if you like a good, suspenseful story with lots of twists and surprises.
There we have it! My top five reads of 2019! I really love making these lists and looking back on my year. I’m looking forward to seeing what new books I’ll discover in 2020!
How about you? What were your favorite books you read this past year? I’d love to hear about them!
Thanks for reading!

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