Bookshelf Tour (#1)

Hi everybody!

I absolutely LOVE books — not only reading them, but collecting them. They’re one of my major weaknesses. I’ll already have 3 copies of one book and buy another one because it’s pretty, or vintage, or I just found it for a good deal at a thrift store. This is probably why I own hundreds and hundreds of them . . . I regret nothing. 😂

I have four different bookshelves throughout my house which hold all of my books, so I thought it would be fun to give you guys a look at some of them, how I organize my shelves, and what I have in my collection! I have too many to show all of their covers, but I’ll share some pictures of particularly cool volumes.

The first one I’ll be doing a post about it one hanging on a wall of my bedroom. This is what catches your attention when you first walk into the room, so I have mostly collectors’ volumes of books and ones that have pretty spines. 😉

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An Afternoon Walk (Photos)

Hi everybody!

I’m here with a quick post just to share some photos I took on a long walk my sister and I went on this afternoon. We’ve been cooped up in the house without leaving it (except walks) for about six days, so we spent a long time exploring our neighborhood. We are blessed with lots of nice walking trails around us, so there’s always somewhere new to go.

I thought this heart-shaped puddle was so cool!
My sister running and getting her energy out. I did the same thing. 😛

Thanks for reading!

Which photo was your favorite? Have you been going on a lot of walks to get out of the house too? 😉


My Planning Method (Organized and Color-Coded)

Hello everyone!

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a very organized person (or at least I try to be!). I love planning out my days and weeks and knowing exactly what I need to accomplish before it’s over. This is especially helpful because as a high school student, I’m always super busy! It seems like I always have something going on or a school project that’s due. I know that applies to a lot of people.

Over the past few months I’ve made a system that has really helped me and worked for me, so I thought I’d share it with you guys!

Recently – February 2020 (#1)

Hi everyone!

I used to do this annual “Recently” series on a couple of my old blogs, and I thought since it’s technically the end of February (I’m a little late) I’d do one of those for this week’s post. It’s just a way for me to look back on the month and see what I’ve gotten accomplished. Since I’ve just gotten back into blogging, I don’t have many pictures, but hopefully in the future I’ll have more of those, too.

I’m adding a bunch of different categories for all of my different interests — of course, the staples such as what I’ve been reading, listening to, and watching, but also some others. 🙂

recently february 2020
This background picture is a beautiful winter scene we saw during a drive this month. 

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