My Planning Method (Organized and Color-Coded)

First of all, here is my planner. It’s a Day Designer Daily planner, for June 2019-June 2020. I got it at Staples on a whim. I had originally planned to get one from a different company, but I flipped through this one and I really liked the layout, so I bought it instead. I definitely haven’t regretted it and I plan on purchasing a new one again in June. As you can see I didn’t take very good care of it so the spiral binding is all messed up. It’s hard for me to close it now. Oh, well. 🙃

First, the planner has several beginning pages where you can plan your ideal day, think about your core values and strengths, write down friends’ birthdays, and take a glance at the year ahead with a 12-month overview.

Here are the two key pages of the planner, just blank so you can see what they look like when they’re not filled out. They have a page like the image above for every day of the work week, and then a page combining Saturday and Sunday for the weekends.

Here’s my monthly spread for March! I have a bunch of Happy Planner stickers that you can buy from JoAnn’s or Michael’s that I like to use each month. I have fun decorating and coming up with a color scheme. 🙂 Sadly I had to cover up a lot of my events, but I just use a black pen to fill out my calendar. I don’t color-code it because it makes it look more cohesive.

Here is one of my days! On average I don’t have that many chores, but I think I had a lot of free time to use up that day. 🙂

What I always do first is fill out the Today portion of the page. That way I can see what activities I have going on and I can prepare around those. Secondly, I make my To-Do List, which I’ll talk about in a bit. From my list I pick the three most important things I have to do and re-write them up in the Today’s Top Three section.

For the four small squares, I write any homework or projects I have to bring to school that day in the Due box. I write what we’re having for dinner that night in the Dinner box. Usually I don’t use the $$$ section unless I have to bring money to school for some reason. And in the Don’t Forget box, obviously I put anything I need to remember for the day. That day I was leading pledges at school, so I didn’t want to completely forget and be totally caught off-guard when I got called up, lol!

In the Notes, I write anything else that doesn’t fit in the other categories. And of course the Daily Gratitude section, which I fill in at the end of the day.

For my to-do list, I color code my to-dos. I find this adds interest and helps me stick with the planning because I like how the colors look and stand out on the page. 🙂 I’m strange like that. 😛

For tasks I want to make habits and want to do consistently every day, I write them in blue. For that right now I’m using a “Bic Clic Stic” in medium. For homework I have to do that night, I write it in orange with a “Paper Mate Profile” pen. When I finish a task, I use a red “Paper Mate Flair!” marker in medium to check it off. And for everything else, I use a black pen with a small tip. I’m not sure what company mine is from, because I got it on a trip to Spain, so it’s not American. 😉

And finally, here is an example of one of my weekend pages. These pages don’t have separate to-do lists for each day, so I just make my own on a sticky note and put them there. It also has an overview for next week which I can fill out and look at Sunday night.

And that’s how I plan! I’m weird and really enjoy that type of thing and seeing how other people do it, so hopefully you guys liked it as well! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “My Planning Method (Organized and Color-Coded)

  1. Ohh the organization makes me so happy XD
    I actually love the color-coding system you have, it’s simple and easy to remember (complex color-coding requires a key and then I start to get confused, haha). Great post!

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